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Remote Lateral Cutting

Our robotic lateral cutting service reopens connections to drain pipes and is also ideal for removing solid obstructions.

The MTS pipe lining service returns damaged pipes to better-than-new condition without the need for digging. Our skilled crews re-line the drain pipes with a new sleeve, which covers any lateral connections to the pipe.

Once the pipe lining process is complete, we need to reopen all lateral connections to restore the draining system to full working order. We use robotic lateral cutters to undertake this work, all remotely controlled by our skilled teams.

We also use the remote lateral cutter to remove blockages from pipes and sewers. The machine tackles all types of solid obstruction, such as concrete, metal and root incursions.
Lateral cutting complements our no-dig lining technical equipment and helps us to thoroughly rehabilitate all types of drainage system after the repairs are complete.
Relining and rehabilitation with lateral cutting technology is considerably more cost effective than traditional excavation methods of repair. Compare the difference between this London pipe before lining and after relining with lateral connections restored.

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