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CCTV Condition Surveys

Our specialist CCTV inspection teams inspect, monitor and map drain networks and other underground assets.

We operate a fleet of fully equipped CCTV units built to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We regularly work for the highly regulated water utility and rail industries and ensure that all MTS equipment matches their stringent demands.

Our CCTV rigs are directly linked to the office and on-board reporting delivers the survey results direct from site to the customer. All camera equipment is explosion-proof (EX rated) and our units can survey pipes and drainage systems from 75mm to 2000mm diameter.

For trackside railway drainage, inside buildings and remote sites we use portable battery-pack CCTV equipment.

We use the latest version of the industry standard software (Wincan) for multi-media reporting and we store all survey results for 12 months.

Where the line and connectivity of assets are unknown, we carry out sewer routing and dye testing surveys. This service can often be required where new building developments are planned in urban areas.

We have recently completed a major project to assess the condition of newly adopted private sewers and update mapping of these sewers.

We offer a comprehensive drain repair service.

Our CCTV crews are in demand from water utility companies requiring reports on the structural integrity and serviceability of their sewer networks. It is far safer to use CCTV where culvert and deep shaft sewer inspections are needed, than a traditional confined space entry inspection.
Domestic and commercial customers may also need to map the exact layout of their drainage system. This can identify misconnections in the system and help spot if there has been illegal building over a manhole. We recommend a full homebuyers’ drain survey.
Drain defects can cause blockages, flooding and pollution. Our CCTV crews will pinpoint the cause of any issues and our experts in the office will recommend the best course of action. This may include re-lining the pipe, which returns it to better-than-new condition without the need to dig anything up.

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If you are experiencing any issues with a faulty drain, gravity pipe, culvert or effluent pipeline, we are here to help. Give us a call on 01634 250326 to book an initial CCTV inspection, or email us at info@mtscleansing.co.uk

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