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Pipe Lining and Drain Repairs

Why pay a fortune to replace your pipes? Using our no-dig technology, we can renew pipe lining and return it to a better-than-new condition at a fraction of the price.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is a drain repair technique which works by installing a new sleeve inside an existing damaged drain. Otherwise known as cured-in-place pipe lining, no-dig or trenchless technology, these repairs are suitable for pipes with a diameter of 100mm upwards.

Using a pipe lining service is a very successful alternative to the traditional route – excavating and rehabilitating degrading pipework. You can also use it regardless of how long or bendy the shape of the pipe is, as we can line most run lengths whether the drain is vertical, horizontal or features multiple bends.

Pipe lining is ideal for many different types of drain material – whether it be clay, concrete, vitreous china, plastic, polycarbonate, cast iron or pitch fibre. We can also line different types of ducting and install patch repairs from 500mm to 1000mm in length.
Using CCTV survey cameras, our team locate and identify faults in your piping. Once these issues have been diagnosed, we can then advise you on how to repair the issue both efficiently and cost-effectively. We usually recommend our relining services over the need to dig trenches, as this saves our customers time, money and inconvenience. Once the faults in the pipes have been identified, we then prepare the internal pipe surface using specialised adaptable machinery. This often includes the use of both cutting equipment, to remove concrete, scale, roots and hard objects, and robotic lateral cutting technology, to follow along the lining.
There are a variety of methods that our specialist team can use to install pipe lining. The method we choose to use really depends on the issue at hand, with our team able to devise bespoke solutions to your specific requirements. For pipes with a more regular diameter, we typically use either the ‘drag in’ or ‘inversion’ method. For both of these methods, we initially cut the pipe liner to the required length and impregnate it using Polyester. With the ‘drag in’ method, as its name might suggest, we drag the liner through the pipe and inflate it. The ‘inversion method’, on the other hand, works slightly differently. This technique involves the liner being turned inside out as it is forced through the pipe, using either water or air pressure to do so. The resin inside then cures, which then leaves you with a seamless full-length repair. For relining larger diameter pipes, we use a different technique again, typically featuring water sluicing and fast-cure UV installation options.

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If you are experiencing any issues with a faulty drain, gravity pipe, culvert or effluent pipeline, we are here to help. Give us a call on 01634 250326 to book an initial CCTV inspection, or email us at info@mtscleansing.co.uk. Alternatively, check out our previous case studies or FAQs page for any further information on our services.

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